Autotrader 2018 NASCAR Sponsorship – Shopping vs Racing Advertising  •  Social Media  •  Video

Our 2018 NASCAR Racing sponsorship provided us a unique opportunity to play off Brad Keselowski’s 2017 win in the Autotrader car, for the 2018 season. So what better way to set that up, than an intense hype video that utilized custom shot footage of Brad preparing for the race, and cut that together with the thrill of shopping for a car on Autotrader. This allowed us to use some of the existing footage from last years race to add to the hype and promote the 2018 race. Taking advantage of NASCAR broadcast footage and well as animated Autotrader product screens, for the first time we were able to reach in market NASCAR audiences with entertaining creative relevant to both their interests and their car shopping needs.

Total Impressions: 2MM
Total Views: 907K

Average cross-channel result rate: 44% (AT Benchmark: 41%)
FB Result Rate: 65% (FB benchmark: 45%
TW Result Rate: 32% (TW benchmark: 38%)

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February 2018
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